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The National Library of Romania offers free access, in situ, to subscribed scientific databases. 

Cairn Bouquet EcoSocPol offers the most comprising online collection of publications, in french, in the field of the humanities and social sciences: sociology, economics, politics, geography and law from most important editors in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.) is a unique database that offers access to academic and cultural publications in the field of humanities and social sciences from the Central and Eastern Europe. It comprises 1,152 de publications in full-text (pdf).
The magazines are published by prestigious academic and cultural institutions from Europe, including Romania, such as: Centre for Political Analysis – Cluj, Studia Universitatis "Vasile Goldiş" Arad - Seria Ştiinţe Economice, Studia Universitatis Babes- Bolyai, editurile universităților din Iași, Cluj, Brașov, Constanța, Târgu Mureș, Arad, Timișoara, Craiova. 

The National Library of Romania offers free permanent access, in situ, to 42  enciclopedias on Ebrary ProQuest platform.
The electronic books covers the fields: contemporary history, military history, european and american culture and civilization, political sciences, philosophy, medicine published at the most prestigious publishing houses: ABC-CLIO, SAGE Publications,  McFarland & Company, Academic Press,  University of California Press.

The National Library of Romania offers free permanent access, in situ, to collections of electronic and audio books on the EBSCOhost platform. There are over 125 titles in different fields - art, architecture, sociology, literature and critics, children literature, business and economics, medicine, psichology, political sciences, history, social sciences - published by prestigious publishing houses, such as: Scarecrow Press, Taylor and Francis, English Press, John Wiley & Sons, Routledge, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford University, Brill, Cambridge University, Palgrave Macmillan, Peter Lang AG, AudioCO. 

The documents from the platform, in full-text (pdf format), can be viewed, downloaded and saved.

Emerald Group Publishing Platform offers full text access to scientific and research publications. The main field of interest is economics, comprising management, marketing, financing, human resources, business, and also management in educațion, library management, research and innovation management.
Emerald Management Journals 200 is one of the biggest colection of peer-reviewd publications in management, offering also access to personalized resources  for librarians, teachers, researchers, students etc.
Emerald Management Journals conține:
- 200 journals full text;
- reviews to over 300 top management journals;
- access to over 100,000 management articles;

SpringerLink Platform was established in 1996 and since then it has grown for the benefits of the researchers. One of the most important collection in the platform is "Humanities, Social Sciences & Law 2012", comprising over 515 titles.
The documents are available in pdf format, can be accessed simultaneously, downloaded and saved.

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