Scope and coverage

The Romanian CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) Program provides standardized library cataloguing for forthcoming Romanian publications. CIP covers only printed publications (for the time being), published in Romania, by registered Romanian publishers.

The CIP catalogue record is a brief and preliminary bibliographic description of a publication, based on internationally established library standards. It includes standardized descriptive information such as: author(s), title, ISBN, classification numbers etc.

In Romania, the CIP Program is defined by the Written Culture Law no. 186/2003.

The responsibility for the coordination of the CIP Program resides with the National Library of Romania. The program is operated through the CIP National Centre, part of the ISBN-ISSN-CIP National Centre, unit within the library. The CIP National Centre is the administrator of the CIP Program, in charge with:
creating the CIP catalogue records
maintaining the CIP Catalogue
publishing the CIP Bibliography
creating the CIP Program framework, standard of services, criteria of eligibility, etc.

The CIP Program is mandatory under the eligibility criteria and it is free of charge to participating publishers.

Benefits of the CIP Program

CIP Program provides preliminary cataloguing data in advance of publication. This data is printed inside books.
CIP records are made available, in real time, in the CIP Catalogue, part of the online Catalogue of the National Library of Romania and in the CIP Bibliography, published monthly, in pdf format on the National library of Romanian website
For publishers, the program acts as a promoter on the book buying market
For libraries it is an alerting service enabling selectors to identify books of interest to thir users.

Basic eligibility criteria for CIP

To be eligible for CIP, the following criteria must be met:
The publisher has a Romanian address and is registered in the Romanian Publishers Database
The publication is not yet printed
The publication is intended for public distribution
For the time being, only printed books are eligible for CIP program. These titles must be forthcoming monographs that includes a Romanian place of publication on the title page (a statement indicating distribution in Romania is not sufficient).
Self-published materials and books published on demand are excludes from the CIP program.
Publication on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, online are excluded. Audio visual materials, printed music, serial publications, single articles, instruction materials and loose-leaf are also excluded.
Ephemeral publication (leaflets, calendars, diaries, trade catalogues, phone books, game books, coloring books, crossword books, blank books, games, posters, maps are excluded.
Works not included in the CIP Program can be cataloged locally or based on the Legal Deposit copy.
The CIP National Centre has the responsibility to apply the eligibility criteria to any request and to decide accordingly.

How does the CIP Program works?

The registered publishers are required to complete the CIP Application Form available on the National Library of Romania website. The completed CIP request must include all mandatory information requested on the form and accurate additional material (e.g. title page, introduction, cover) as needed for completion of cataloguing.
The CIP librarians use these information to create a catalogue record for the book which is then returned to the publisher for printing on the verso of the title page.
The preliminary record is published in the CIP Catalogue and CIP Bibliography.
Following publication, items should be deposited with the National Library of Romania under the legal deposit arrangements.
When the book is received by the bibliographic agency, the (preliminary) CIP record is updated to reflect the item in hand and the final bibliographic record becomes a permanent reference for the book in the online Catalog of the National Library of Romania and in the National Bibliography.

22 Bd. Unirii, 030833 Bucharest
Head of the Romanian ISBN-ISSN-CIP Centre: Aurelia PERSINARU

Formular CIP
Câmpurile marcate cu (*) sunt obligatorii

Data completării formularului* 
Denumirea editurii* 
Adresa editurii (localitate, județ)*
Persoana de contact* 
Anul de publicare a cărţii (aşa cum este tipărit pe pagina de titlu)* 
Tirajul cărţii* 
Formatul cărţii*  tiparit
Numele şi prenumele autorilor (aşa cum apar pe pagina de titlu)*
Numele altor persoane menţionate pe pagina de titlu şi funcţia lor (traducător, prefaţator, posfaţator etc.)
Titlul şi subtitlul cărţii*
Ataşaţi o copie a paginii de titlu (format pdf, jpeg)* 
Nr. ediţiei* 
Este o ediţie revizuită?*  DA
Lucrarea conţine
Este o traducere?*  NU
Daca raspunsul este da:
Menţionaţi titlul original 
Limba textului original 
Cartea conţine lucrările unei conferinţe, ale unui simpozion, congres etc.?*  NU
Daca raspunsul este DA, completaţi
Denumirea conferinţei, simpozionului, congresului 
Localitatea unde a avut loc 
Anul în care a avut loc şi nr. 
Lucrarea va apărea în mai multe volume?*  NU
Daca raspunsul este da:
Menţionaţi nr. volumelor 
Data apariţiei primului volum, editura si codul ISBN 
Informaţiile furnizate în acest formular sunt pentru volumul nr. 
Titlul acestui volum 
ISBN / ISMN (lucrări în mai multe volume)
ISBN general 
ISMN general 
ISBN specific acestui volum 
ISMN specific acestui volum 
Genul literar (pentru lucrări beletristice)
Alt gen literar (menţionaţi genul literar) 
Subiectul pe scurt* (pentru lucrări nebeletristice, max. 300 caractere) 
Introduceți rezultatul adunării (antispam)*  3 + 5

Numele persoanei de contact, adresa de email și numărul de telefon vor fi folosite de Centrul Naţional CIP pentru transmiterea, către editură, a descrierii CIP şi a informărilor referitoare la desfăşurarea Programului CIP în România.

* By completing this form you deliberately agree that BNR or a third partner to make use of your personal data in order to inform you on BNR’s offers or services. According to the law no 677/2001 you have the following rights: the right to be informed, the right to have acces, the right of intervention, the right to opposition, the right of not being subject of an individual decision, the right to take action in court . In the situation of expressing the right of opposition your personal data will be deleted. BNR will keep confidentiality of your personal data except for those recquired by the competent legal authorities.

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