Romanian ISSN Centre

Romanian ISSN Center is part of the Romanian ISBN-ISSN-CIP Centre, a unit within the National Library of Romania. It is the official representative of the international ISSN network in Romania.

Romanian ISSN Centre is part of the international ISSN network, coordinated by the International ISSN Center in Paris.  Information about the ISSN network and ISSN centres worldwide can be found on the ISSN International Centre's home page.
Romanian ISSN Centre assigns ISSN to the publications issued by the publishers located in Romania. 
Romanian ISSN Centre is responsible for:
  • assigning the ISSN and ISSN-L and establishing the key title for Romanian serial publications in any language, medium, alphabet 
  • creating and recording full bibliographic descriptions in Romanian ISSN database, part of ISSN Registry and ROAD 
  • establishing the national rules for ISSN administration and assignment according to the international practice and standard 
  • promoting the ISSN system and the use of ISSN in Romania.
All services offered by the Romanian ISSN Centre are specialized. ISSN assignment is free of charge.

ISSN and serial publication

Serials are print or non-print publications having a common title, issued in parts, usually bearing issue numbers and/or dates. A serial is expected to continue indefinitely.
The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an international code, established by ISO 3297, which identifies the title of serial publications. An ISSN is composed of 8 digits, numerals from 0 to 9. The last digit, which is a check digit, could be the upper case X.
ISSN is appropriate for serials in any medium: print on paper, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and online electronic serials.

Uses of ISSN

  1. ISSN provides a useful method of communication between publishers and suppliers, making trade distribution systems faster and more efficient.
  2. The ISSN results in accurate citing of serials by scholars, researchers, abstracters and librarians.
  3. As a standard numeric identification code, the ISSN is suitable for computer use in fulfilling the need for file update and linkage, retrieval, and transmittal of data.
  4. ISSN is used in libraries for identifying titles, ordering - checking in - claiming serials, interlibrary loan systems and union catalogues.
All ISSN registrations are maintained in national databases, parts of the international data base and are made available in the ISSN Register and ROAD Directory. For more information see the ISSN International Centre website.

Criteria of eligibility for ISSN assignment

ISSN are assigned to serial publication, that has no predetermined conclusion,  issued in a succession of discrete parts, having a common title, bearing numbering, which fulfill the following criteria:
  • There is a consistent title 
  • There is editorial content
  • There is identified editorial responsibility
  • There is a valid URL (for online publication)
  • The publication has a subject related content or an identified subject-related audience
ISSN is assigned to journals, magazines, newspapers, yearbooks and monographic series.

Exclusion criteria:
The following types of publications do not receive ISSN: books, audio-video products, scores, albums, calendars, catalogues and directories (handbooks, lists, offers etc.), advertising publications, puzzles and games, TV programmes, publications marked by pornographic contents, ephemeral publications (leaflets, invitations, brochures, programs, timetables, coloring books, stickers books etc.).

Electronic publications which do not receive an ISSN include: personal web pages, companies’ web pages, commercial websites, websites which contain only links to other pages.

Application procedure

In order to apply for an ISSN you must complete the ISSN Form. A copy of the real cover/home page of the first issue or part must be attached to the ISSN Form.

An ISSN application for a digital serial publication cannot be accepted until the first digital edition is available.

An ISSN application for a serial publication issued by a kindergarten/ school/ high school/ teacher/ group of students etc. cannot be accepted without a copy, in digital format (pdf) of the first issue, send by email attachment to

For a print and CD-ROM serial publication, an ISSN application can be submitted up to 1 month before the publication I released. Please note that the assigned ISSN is only registered in the ISSN database once the first issue is received in the Legal Deposit.

Online serial publications are usually not ISSN assigned ahead of publication.

For scholarly open access publications, 5 articles are considered as a minimum for making a complete issue.

For series/collection, an ISSN could be assigned only after the third volume of the series is published.

You will be sent a written confirmation of the assigned number when your application has been processed, usually in 2 working days. ISSN assignment could be delayed when more research is needed or for multiple requests, but it could not take more than one month.

A new ISSN must be applied when:
  • the title changes
  • the medium changes
For the same publication, distinct ISSNs are needed for:
  • each linguistic edition (English edition, French edition etc.)
  • each medium edition (print version or CD-ROM version or online version)
Other changes do not result in a change of ISSN, but the changes should be reported to the Romanian ISSN Centre, by email (). Examples:
  • change of publisher
  • change of the place of publication
  • change of frequency
  • change of editorial policy
Please contact the Romanian ISSN Centre, by telephone or email, in order to determine whether specific ISSNs should be assigned in case of:
  • the publication merges with other titles
  • supplements are published
  • other editions are launched
  • proceedings of congresses, seminars etc.
Print or display of an ISSN 

For printed serial publications, the ISSN and ISSN-L should preferably be printed in the bibliographical information of each issue of the publication. If there is no bibliographical information, the ISSN is printed on the cover. The ISSN can also be printed as a bar code. 

For serial publications on CD-ROM, the ISSN and ISSN-L should be shown on any label that is attached permanently to the publication.

For online serial publications, the ISSN and ISSN-L should be displayed near the title, on the home page.

For any other information ISSN related, please contact:

22 Bd. Unirii, 030833 Bucharest
Tel. (0040)21312.49.90
Head of the Romanian ISBN-ISSN-CIP Centre: Aurelia PERSINARU

Formular ISSN
Câmpurile marcate cu (*) sunt obligatorii

Titlul publicaţiei* 
Coperta/ecran prezentare* (format .jpg, .pdf) 
Data apariţiei primului număr (lună/an)* 
Limba textului* 
Tiraj estimat* 
Înlocuieşte altă publicaţie (titlul/ ISSN/ de când)* 
Este ediţie în altă limbă a publicaţiei (titlul/ISSN)* 
Are ediţie în altă limbă publicaţia (titlul/ISSN)* 
Este supliment al publicaţiei (titlul/ISSN)* 
Are supliment publicaţia (titlul/ISSN)* 
Are şi ediţie în format online (adresa web) 
Are şi ediţie în format CD/ROM (titlul/ISSN) 
Are şi ediţie în format tipărit (titlul/ISSN) 
Localitatea în care apare publicaţia* 
Numele instituţiei emitente* 
Adresa publicaţiei*
Redactor şef* 
Numele solicitantului* 
Data completării formularului* 
GDPR: Informaţii specifice referitoare la colectarea, prelucrarea şi publicarea datelor cu caracter personal pot fi consultate la rubrica “Info GDPR”
Acord de publicare a datelor personale completate în acest formular 
Introduceți rezultatul adunării (antispam)*  3 + 9

• A nu se confunda adresa/telefonul/emailul redacţiei cu cele ale editurii sau ale tipografiei.
• Pentru publicaţiile şcolare în format tipărit sau CD-ROM, conţinutul integral al primului număr va fi transmis prin email, ca ataşament, în format pdf, la adresa

* By completing this form you deliberately agree that BNR or a third partner to make use of your personal data in order to inform you on BNR’s offers or services. According to the law no 677/2001 you have the following rights: the right to be informed, the right to have acces, the right of intervention, the right to opposition, the right of not being subject of an individual decision, the right to take action in court . In the situation of expressing the right of opposition your personal data will be deleted. BNR will keep confidentiality of your personal data except for those recquired by the competent legal authorities.

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