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Through the journals it publishes (The National Library of Romania Journal, The Romanian Journal on Book History, Information and Documentation: Scientific and Professional Activity, The Romanian Journal on Book Preservation: Conservation and Restoration, The Library: Bibliology and Information Science Journal) The Romanian National Library of Romania capitalizes and promotes the Romanian cultural heritage, supports the Romanian specialized education and the researches made in this field.  The five publications are present in the collections of many libraries in the country and abroad and are also included in the ProQuest and EBSCO databases. 

Launched in 1995, The National Library of Romania'Journal is the "voice" of the institution, having as its object the study of its collections, products, services and history, as well as significant information and cultural phenomena at national and international level. 

A result of the collaboration between three important libraries - the National Library of Romania, the "Carol I" University Central Library and the Romanian Academy Library - is The Romanian Journal on Book History, edited by the National Library of Romania since 2004 and aimed at national and international promotion of the research and the rich Romanian heritage. 

Since 2007, the National Library of Romania has also launched Information and Documentation: scientific and professional activity, dedicated to the research activity of the Masters and PhD students of the Faculty of Letters.  Department of Library and Information Science - University of Bucharest. 

Published since 2008, The Romanian Journal on Book Preservation: Conservation and Restoration, renews the tradition with the publication book Pathology Issues: A collection of documentary material, developed by the laboratory of book Pathology and Restoration of the National Library of Romania between 1965-1995. 

Included in the editorial portfolio of the National Library of Romania since March 2009, The Library: journal of bibliology and information science has had an uninterrupted publication since 1948, being well-known among librarians in public libraries.  It expresses, on one hand, the methodological role of the National Library of Romania and, on other hand, it constitutes an interface of the entire Romanian information-documentary system. 

The magazines edited by the National Library of Romania can be obtained on a subscription basis. 

In order to subscribe, please fill in the 2 talons. 

Talon no. 1 must be filled and returned to the National Library of Romania, the "Expeditions office, no later then 01.04.2018, accompanied by the copy of the payment order.  The transmission of Talon no. 1 and the copy of the payment order is mandatory for the registration of the subscription. 
Talon no. 2 will be filled and sent to the Accounting office in order for you to be able to receive your invoice if you so wish. 

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